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Washington State Business and Professional Women's Foundation

Rather than a handout, we give a leg up.

Washington State Business and Professional Women's Foundation

Rather than a handout, we give a leg up.

About Us

WSBPW Foundation12

Washington State Business and Professional Women’s (WSBPW) Foundation expands employment opportunities and career development through scholarships and education for working women. Increased education opportunities for women benefits individuals, employers, and Washington State.

A well-educated employee with highly valued work skills increases productivity in the marketplace. Education, training, and certification courses or workshops are crucial to meeting the challenge of a rapidly changing technologically advanced workforce.

2022 - 2023 Officers

Chair: Nancy Sorensen: gro.noitadnuofwpbsw%40riahc_noitadnuofAssistant Chair: Sue SuwiwattanakulSecretary: Georgia RigglemanTreasurer: Eldean Montgomery


2022 - 2023 Board Members

Debbie FeistMike HealyKay Bradley KampsenLoren LeeBarbara LuddonPeggy HarrisEldean MontgomeryGeorgia RigglemanJesica SartellNancy SorensenSue SuwiwattanakulPatty Slagle, BPW/WA PresidentRosalind Scott, BPW/WA Vice President

“Thank you for selecting me as a recipient of the 2021-2022 Scholarship! I appreciate the WSBPW Foundation and members of the Scholarship Committee for their time and consideration. I am motivated to accomplish my aspiration of becoming a successful businesswoman and contributing to my profession.”

Nomin U

“To educate girls is to reduce poverty.”

Kofi Annan

“I am deeply thankful! I feel so blessed and honored to be the recipient of the Single Parent Scholarship! Words are not enough to express my immense gratitude! This $1500 is such a blessing and will allow me to finish my Associates in Social Services and Mental Health Degree. Please accept and forward my thank you letter to the Scholarship Committee. Thank you so very much for choosing me to be the recipient of this amazing and generous scholarship! Wishing you the best in Health and Happiness.”

Emmie Anne L